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Syrac Inspirations list 7 Tech-Savvy Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2017

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Sheffield-based Syrac Inspirations are advocates of entrepreneurship, and they have vast experience coaching and mentoring budding entrepreneurs. Here, the direct marketing specialists have listed seven free tools which will make an entrepreneur’s life easier. 

Starting out in business can be a stressful and costly experience for budding entrepreneurs.  However, Syrac Inspirations is confident that there are many tools readily available for entrepreneurs that can streamline processes and reduce costly overheads.  By freeing up time and revenue, entrepreneurs will be able to focus on enhancing exposure of their products or services and concentrating on their areas of expertise.

Syrac Inspirations share their top 7 finds for tech-savvy entrepreneurs looking to save time and money in 2017:

  1. Launchrock – For companies whose website are still a work in progress, Launchrock allows visitors to leave their email addresses and join a mailing list long before the website is launched.
  1. Google Analytics – Want to understand customers better? This fab tool allows entrepreneurs to track online visitors, including the time spent and their journey through the website. This is a great platform for those looking to establish trends, and launch a new website better suited to customer behaviours.
  1. Hiver – Adding value to Gmail, it can track tasks and to-do lists, allowing delegation to take place quickly and easily.
  1. SurveyMonkey – a great tool for newbies, this tool is an easy way to build and publish surveys and produce a detailed analysis.
  1. Evernote – Great for people on the go, Evernote allows users to access keynotes or to-do lists on any device as they’re stored in the cloud.
  1. Google Hangout – a video conferencing service for anyone with a Gmail account, it offers a great desktop sharing tool too.
  1. Trello – A great tool for project managers, it allows professionals to assign tasks and monitor progress all from one space.

Syrac Inspirations are sales and marketing specialists based in the Sheffield area. The firm concentrates on raising brand awareness on their clients’ behalf and increasing customer acquisitions through face-to-face marketing techniques. The company specialises in a unique form of direct marketing, allowing them to personally connect with each customer on behalf of their clients.

The firm will be exploring more options for entrepreneurs to improve their businesses in 2017. As mentors, they always look to keep ahead of trends to ensure they can provide the best advice and guidance for local entrepreneurs.


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