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Syrac Inspirations: Put these books on your must read list

Nov 1, 2016 / by Rachel / In News / Comments Off on Syrac Inspirations: Put these books on your must read list

Sheffield-based sales and event marketing firm, Syrac Inspirations are strong supporters of education and promote the philosophy that ‘knowledge is power’. Managing Director Rachel Robinson makes a conscious effort to read regularly in order to continue to develop as a business owner and has revealed 5 books for people to put on their must read list. 

At Syrac Inspirations they offer frequent educational workshops and seminars to help their staff and contractors to enhance their business development skills. However they believe that books are a tremendous source of knowledge. Here the firm has outlined five books for budding entrepreneurs to put on their must read list.

‘Losing My Virginity’ by Richard Branson

Written by one of the UK’s most recognisable entrepreneurs, Richard Branson’s, ‘Losing My Virginity’ is one of Rachel Robinson’s most recommended books for budding entrepreneurs. Mr Branson started his first business at 17 and opened the Virgin Records store at just 22. Branson went on to expand his iconic Virgin brand into an empire, including a music label, airline, mobile carrier and even a space shuttle. In the book, Branson explains how he did it in his own words.

‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Steven R. Covey

“Look on the bookshelf of any serious entrepreneur and you’ll probably find ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ states Rachel Robinson. It is a timeless lesson in leadership and success.  The book teaches the reader to change their mindset and embrace an alternative perspective. Mr Covey walks the reader through the self-mastery Paradigm Shift, breaking down the process into Independence, Interdependence and Continual Improvement, resulting in meaningful and consistent growth.

‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ by Timothy Ferriss

The average person works far more than 40 hours per week. In ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’, Timothy Ferriss challenges conventional wisdom by providing case after case to prove that normal “banking hours” aren’t as productive as people think.

‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne

In ‘The Secret’, Rhonda Byrne states that a company’s brand is an extension of the person running it and therefore if they want to create a successful business, they’ll need to create a successful self.  Rather than a typical self-help book, ‘The Secret’ focuses on actionable exercises instead of generic advice. Syrac Inspirations believe that Byrne’s tips will lead the reader down a better path.

‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ by Dr. Spencer Johnson

In ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’, Dr. Spencer Johnson states that the business world is a rat race and throughout the book he uses this imagery to illustrate different reactions to change. The book features two mice and two people. When their treasured cheese supply dwindles, the characters react differently. Travelling through the maze, some learn to adapt to their new cheese situation while attempting to assist the others in finding their own way. The analogy of the mice and two people is used to illustrate the fact that change is inevitable and as an entrepreneur, change becomes part of the daily routine. In ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’, Dr. Spencer Johnson helps the reader to find their comfort when constantly forced out of their zone.

Syrac Inspirations is a Sheffield-based sales and event marketing firm that supports businesses in increasing their market exposure and generating more sales. Through face-to-face marketing the firm are able to build strong connections with consumers and personalise the customer experience. Syrac Inspirations encourage their staff and contractors to continue to develop and they believe that reading is a tremendous source of knowledge that should be utilised.


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