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Syrac Inspirations Rachel Robinson on what it takes to be a great leader

Jul 23, 2017 / by Rachel / In Business / Tags: / Leave a comment

“Every great business is built on foundations of strong leadership,” proclaims Rachel Robinson, Managing Director of direct sales and marketing specialists, Syrac Inspirations.

Entrepreneur and business owner, Ms Robinson argues that people looking to advance their career need to develop strong leadership skills. “One of the primary skills I had to learn before becoming a business owner was how to be a great leader,” commented Ms Robinson. The advocate of entrepreneurship aims to inspire and teach young professionals, and she has revealed the four tips for becoming a great leader.

  1. Lead by example

The most effective and admired leaders are hands on claim Syrac Inspirations. The direct sales and marketing specialists believe that great leaders have a “show me” rather than “tell me” approach to leadership. “I feel that it’s important to lead by example and show people how it’s done. I would never ask someone to do something that I’ve never done myself, and that is a philosophy we have adopted at Syrac Inspirations,” commented Ms Robinson.

  1. Communication is key

Ms Robinson is extremely hands on in the day to day running of Syrac Inspirations and the firms management team operate an open door policy to make communication with staff and contractors easy. The business owner believes that to be a great leader, it requires regular communication.

  1. Keep Improving People

The greatest leaders recognise the importance of developing and improving their team. Ms Robinson is passionate about the development of the people who work at Syrac Inspirations, and she supports this by offering numerous educational workshops and seminars to help the firms staff and contractors to expand their knowledge and skill-set, simultaneously taking Syrac Inspirations forward. “To succeed in both personal and professional pursuits, it’s critical to develop yourself, and I believe it’s important to develop others.” Commented Ms Robinson.

  1. Find a mentor

“During my journey as an aspiring entrepreneur, my coaches and mentors have played a massive role in my development,” stated Ms Robinson. The business owner believes that having a mentor is imperative for anyone who is serious about their career. At Syrac Inspirations, they encourage their staff and contractors to find a business coach or mentor who they can turn to for advice and guidance.

Syrac Inspirations is a leading event-marketing firm based in Sheffield. The firm concentrates on raising brand awareness on their clients’ behalf and increasing customer acquisitions through face-to-face marketing techniques. The firm specialises in a unique form of direct marketing, allowing them to personally connect with each individual customer on behalf of their clients. The firm believes that leadership capabilities differentiate the successful from the unsuccessful and they teach their staff and contractors the necessary skills to become great leaders.


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