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Syrac Inspirations Review How SME’s should handle Millenial Expectations

Sep 5, 2017 / by Rachel / In Business, Entrepreneurship / Leave a comment

What do Millennials look for in a brand? This is one of the key questions Syrac Inspirations thinks about when they are creating a marketing strategy for a client. Research suggests that millennials are the most difficult demographic to engage with as their buying behaviour and expectations are constantly changing. The MD for Syrac Inspirations recently stated that she believes her client’s brands must ensure they stay nimble so they can adapt quickly to changing trends.

The firm’s Managing Director, Rachel Robinson recently explained the importance of branding stating – “What’s hot today could be forgotten tomorrow, so it’s vital not to get swept up in niche trends, but adapt to the changing environment, economy and consumers’ needs”. Syrac Inspirations has made sure that they have created a business model that enables them to evolve with the times. They strongly believe that interacting with consumers directly allows them to stay ahead of their competitors, as their on the ground approach provides them with valuable insights into the current trends.

In a recent workshop, Syrac Inspirations delved deeper into this topic highlighting the best way brands can engage the millennial population. They arrived at two key ways of winning over this large but often quite difficult group.

The Tough Sell

Syrac Inspirations want their contractors to push the hard sell in order to win over the millennial population. This can be done by an in depth study of what works with certain niche generational groups. It is best to find out what a group is looking for and then tailor how to speak to that group when they are trying to lock down a conversation.

A Good USP

Brands need to have a strong unique selling point to stand out from the crowds. Once they have a unique point to shift their product they can then begin to think of nimble ways to adjust their content strategy to meet new trends. Syrac Inspirations cite the growing popularity of the use of memes as an example of one way through companies choose to alter their content strategy while maintaining their unique selling point.

Syrac inspirations hope moving forward that their team will be able to take into account these tips when pushing their client’s products. They must push the sale hard but also realise the unique selling point of that product in hand and make sure the millennial customer never forgets it.


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