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Syrac Inspirations share their easy networking guide for people who hate networking

Nov 23, 2016 / by Rachel / In Networking / Tags: / Comments Off on Syrac Inspirations share their easy networking guide for people who hate networking

Sheffield-based sales and marketing experts, Syrac Inspirations recognises the important role that networking plays in progressing an individual’s business development success. So here the firm has revealed their easy to follow networking guide for people who hate to network.

For many introverts, networking forces them out of their comfort zones and can be extremely daunting. So to combat this, the firm created an easy to follow four step guide for people who hate networking.

  1. Use technology to your advantage

Technology has changed the way people network. Advances in technology have made it far easier for people to reach out and make connections. Wavework App connects people at live events allowing users to see all event attendees in real-time. By using geofencing technology, Wavework ensures any connections are venue-and event-specific meaning that instead of waiting for an introduction, Wavework allows users to seize opportunities and engage.

  1. Identify your networking challenges

At Syrac Inspirations they believe that it is vital to take a proactive approach to identify and overcome networking challenges. The most crucial challenge is to identify the root cause of fear, whether that be the fear of rejection, the fear of being negatively judged or the fear of being annoying or an inconvenience to others. “Once someone has grasped what the mental stumbling blocks are, they can take action to push through,” said Rachel Robinson, Managing Director at Syrac Inspirations.

  1. Ask for an introduction

“If there is a particular person you’d like to meet, make the meeting less daunting and awkward by trying to find a common connection and request an introduction,” says Rachel Robinson. LinkedIn in particular can be a useful tool for this. An introduction from a common acquaintance can be greatly advantageous for shy networkers, rather than an approach out of the blue.

  1. Share your personal stories

Conversations with connections need to be a mixture of talking and listening. Syrac Inspirations argue that it’s crucial not to ask consecutive questions as that can come across like an interrogation, it’s important to share information about yourself as well. A back and forth conversation will flow more naturally.

Managing Director at Syrac Inspirations, Rachel Robinson has experience coaching and mentoring individuals with different personalities, both extroverts and introverts. She has helped naturally shy individuals to break out of their comfort zones and make new connections.

Syrac Inspirations are sales and marketing specialists based in the Sheffield area. The firm concentrates on raising brand awareness on their clients’ behalf and increasing customer acquisitions through face-to-face marketing techniques. The firm specialises in a unique form of direct marketing, allowing them to personally connect with each individual customer on behalf of their clients. At Syrac Inspirations they encourage their contractors to seek out networking opportunities and build a diverse network of fellow professionals to assist them on their entrepreneurial journey.


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