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Take your branding to the next level with Syrac Inspirations’ invaluable design tips

Aug 23, 2016 / by Rachel / In Business / Tags: / Comments Off on Take your branding to the next level with Syrac Inspirations’ invaluable design tips

Creating a website is no longer enough to attract customers, outlines Syrac Inspirations. The firm emphasizes how businesses must create engaging marketing materials to build brand awareness and stand out marketing messages.

Digital advertising has made consumers more skeptical than ever about marketing messages. Therefore it is crucial for businesses to build brand awareness using a range of consistent marketing materials that evoke the messages and values of the brand. Creating a website isn’t enough to build brand awareness; a company also needs compelling graphic design that helps the marketing message to stand out ahead of competitors.

Direct sales and marketing specialists, Syrac Inspirations outline their four tips for improving logo design and four tips for improving website design in order to stand out in the correct way to customers.

Logo Design

Keep it simple – This will make it easier for the audience to remember it.

Be unique – A simple, yet clever use of lines, colour or font will make a generic logo iconic.

Use a double entendre – Combining two images into one is a clever and easy twist on a simple design.

Create a logo that tells a story – A logo that has both hidden and obvious meanings will demonstrate intelligence and attention to detail.

Website Design

Consistency – Keep font choices consistent throughout the website.

Palette – Choose website colours based on the logo and other marketing materials.

Word count – Limit the number of words per page.

Design – Use the same layout on multiple pages.

Syrac Inspirations are market leading sales and marketing specialists in the Sheffield area. The firm concentrates on raising brand awareness on their clients’ behalf and increasing customer acquisitions through face-to-face marketing techniques. The firm specialises in a unique form of direct marketing, allowing them to personally connect with each individual customer on behalf of their clients. Syrac Inspirations connect with customers on a face-to-face basis because this creates long-lasting and personal business relationships between their clients’ brands and their customers.

The firm has worked hard on their brand, using graphic design to convey a specific message to both their clients and customers. Syrac Inspirations convey a brand based on confidence, personalisation and quality which is shown through their website and marketing materials.


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