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Use Obsession to Overcome Talent with 4 Easy Steps claims Syrac Inspirations

Dec 29, 2016 / by Rachel / In Success / Tags: / Comments Off on Use Obsession to Overcome Talent with 4 Easy Steps claims Syrac Inspirations

For those that aren’t fortunate enough to possess natural born talent, Sheffield-based direct marketing specialists, Syrac Inspirations argue that obsession can beat talent hands down.

“There are many negative connotations of the word, obsession, however, speak to any successful person, and they will tell you they are obsessed. “ said Managing Director at Syrac Inspirations, Rachel Robinson.

Grand Cardone said it best; “be obsessed or be average”. As advocates of entrepreneurship, Syrac Inspirations take a keen interest in providing advice and guidance for young professionals, assisting them on their journey to success. Here, the firm has listed 4 easy steps that substitute the lack of talent.

  1. Stop complaining

“Complaining gets your nowhere, accept responsibility, take action, and make things happen.” Said Ms Robinson. Syrac Inspirations state that success starts as a mindset and that complaining only serves to limit someone’s potential. The firm encourages people to adopt a positive mental attitude, and claim that is the first step to compensate for lack of talent.

  1. No feelings. Pure focus

The most successful people understand that in business, feelings need to be put to one side. While Syrac Inspirations believe that it is important to have emotional intelligence, many people put too much emphasis on their feelings which then, defines their results.

To break through any barrier, Syrac Inspirations claim that people have to accept the fact that no matter how you feel, you must push forward.

The firm contends that if someone can direct their focus more to what they need to do rather than how they feel, they will accomplish more.

  1. Be prepared to work harder than anyone you know

There is a famous quote by Tim Notke; “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Syrac Inspirations firmly believe that nothing beats talent more than hard work. One of the fundamental attributes Syrac Inspirations looks for when talent scouting is a strong work ethic.   “If you commit to working hard you will be able to beat anyone and anything.” Said Ms Robinson. Commitment and dedication to what you want, and putting in the necessary work to get there, will conquer the lack of talent.

  1. Play to your strengths

During the firms coaching and development sessions, they encourage their staff and contractors to identify their strengths and utilise them. “Too many people focus on what they don’t know, rather than playing to their strengths.” Said Ms Robinson. When starting out, it is practically impossible for someone to know everything, and that is the whole purpose of building a strong network of professionals who can offer advice and guidance.   “If you eat, sleep and breathe what you do, you’ll succeed.” Said Ms Robinson.

Syrac Inspirations specialise in customer acquisition and brand awareness in the Sheffield area. The firm concentrates on raising brand awareness on their clients’ behalf and increasing customer acquisitions through face-to-face marketing techniques. As a growing business, Syrac Inspirations frequently scout for talent to help take their business forward. They don’t pre-judge on education or experience; they believe that they can teach anyone to succeed, as long as they possess an incredible work ethic, thirst for knowledge and determination to be the best.SOURCE:







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