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You Need Meaning To Thrive Warns Syrac Inspirations

Jul 18, 2016 / by Rachel / In News / Comments Off on You Need Meaning To Thrive Warns Syrac Inspirations

Direct sales and marketing firm Syrac Inspirations are currently investigating into the importance of installing a sense of meaningfulness at work and how creating this can lead to increased productivity, engagement and performance in the workplace.

To maintain a positive work environment and support their contractors in their pursuit of professional success, sales and marketing experts Syrac Inspirations have recently been promoting the importance of meaningfulness at work. After reviewing an article on Fast Company (Why Finding Meaning At Work Is More Important Than Feeling Happy Jessica Amortegui) the firm decided to take a deeper look at what it takes to create meaning in the workplace and how people can channel this positive energy to improve results.

Spurred on by the article Syrac Inspirations were keen to investigate the differences between feeling happy and finding meaning in the workplace. Whilst the two are closely linked, the majority of people find it more difficult to find meaning than happiness in their work. In research cited by the article Barbara Fredrickson, a Psychology professor at the University of North Carolina, found that whilst 75% of the workers they surveyed reported high levels of happiness, they showed low levels of meaning within their work lives. Syrac Inspirations believe that because happiness can stem from people, it is often easier to generate and maintain in a work environment. Fostering good relationships between colleagues and associates can dramatically boost morale. However, if a professional is disengaged with their work and lacks meaning, this positivity is not channelled into their performance and overall productivity can decline.

Syrac Inspirations are eager to help professionals find more meaning in their work lives and increase overall job satisfaction. As outlined above, sources of happiness aren’t always sources of meaning. Therefore the firm thinks that it is vital that professionals revaluate their working practices. Happiness is often the result of the actions of others, however meaning is developed through a professional’s own actions and what they ‘give’ to others. To increase meaning the firm suggest professionals to look at the bigger picture and seek out opportunities to perform more selfless acts. Through doing so, professionals will start to recognise the impact their actions can have on the environment around them and become more engaged with their work.

Syrac Inspirations believe that no matter what industry a person is in or what level of responsibility they have – each person plays a vital role. The firm are keen to help people change the way they view their jobs and see themselves as a vital component for the greater good. As such, the firm regularly offer their own contractors – regardless of their experience – opportunities to learn more about how the business is run and its overall mission. The firm also offer exciting initiatives and rewards to not only boost performance, but to send a message to all contractors that they matter and that their efforts are making a difference. Syrac Inspirations are committed to developing a culture of meaningfulness within the company. They are incredibly proud of the opportunities they offer to their contractors, enabling them to excel at their own pace as well as take advantage of professional development and networking opportunities.

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